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Our Pooper Scooper Story

Crap ChuteTM creators Dennis and Denny are father and son. They are dog owners. They work with metal.  One day Dennis got tired of bending down to pick up the dog poop in his yard. He said to Denny, “Hey maybe we can make something out of metal with a long handle to pick up the poop.” With that concept in mind, Dennis and Denny got to work in the shop and made the first of several prototypes of a metal pooper scooper with a long handle and a chute. After many years and many beers, the guys felt like they perfected their design, and decided to call their pooper scooper, Crap ChuteTM. How fitting.

Dennis and Denny were pretty excited and proud of their invention and thought it was really neat, so they decided to make a few samples and pass them along to friends and family to see what they thought. Well, the feedback was pretty positive, and most everyone thought a pooper scooper made of metal was a really good idea. Better than the plastic options. Or the rake and shovel combination. Or the old “put your hand through a plastic bag” trick to pick up the poop.

Motivated by the positive feedback Dennis and Denny made several other versions of the original Crap ChuteTM, even a version for cats that could pick up cat poop out of the litter box with minimal  litter waste. They also decided to make long handled and short handled versions of both products, in order to provide as many options as possible for dog and cat owners. The guys wanted to make sure, no matter if your dog poops on a walk, or in the back yard, or you have a physical disability that prevents you from walking or bending over to pick up poop or scoop waste out of your cat’s litter box, or if you are 7 or 70, that there would be a Crap ChuteTM that will work for you and your pet.

It took about eight years from the day Dennis got tired of bending down to pick up the poop in his yard to the day Crap ChuteTM was ready to sell to dog and cat owners everywhere. The guys have had a great time together on this journey, and both father and son feel very passionate about all of the Crap ChuteTM products; and feel especially proud that each component that makes up every Crap ChuteTM is made in the USA.

Dennis Pavloski (Father) Story

One day while picking up dog waste in my back yard, I thought to myself, there’s got to be an easier way. I went to the shop where I work, and with one of my sons, we cut a steel tube and flattened one end; the opposite end we rolled  a small steel rod to create a thread that would accept a mason jar lid. My son bent a piece of conduit to form a handle and welded it to the tube. We attached a plastic bag to the lid end and tried it out. After work we had a couple of beers and joked about it. But it actually worked pretty good! We then made a few more and gave them away to family members and got pretty good feed back.

As the days went on, we often joked about it after work while having a few more beers, but never proceeded further. After a few years, we thought about getting a patent and fabricating in large quantities. After securing a patent we started the fab process and located the machines needed to make them and perfect the design. What an exciting journey it has been!

-Dennis Pavloski

Denny Pavloski (Son) Story

This all started over eight years ago when my father told me he wanted to make a pooper scooper because he was tired of bending over to pick up the poop in his yard. We went right to work! In the shop we found a stainless steel tube left over from a job, and cut it on a 45 degree angle, smashed the end in a press, rolled a small rod and welded it to the opposite end. This was used to attach a mason jar ring. I bent a piece of conduit and tack welded it on. We removed the mason jar ring, slid a grocery store bag through, and twisted on the ring. Then we had a couple of beers and laughed about it a little bit, but when we tried it out, it actually worked!! We made a few more for other family members and feedback was good. Then we kind of sat on the idea for a while, but kept having beers and talking and joking about how the design really did work!

Many years and beers went by along with multiple revisions. One day came and we asked ourselves if we could actually do this and figured the next steps would be to patent the idea. We had questions and looked into it. With some great help we were issued a patent with the multiple revisions we had come up with along the way. We then got back to work, locating materials, fabricating punches and dies to form the bodies and handles. Once again we did it. We were able to mass produce with accuracy. It took more time than we thought would, though. Many hours and many nights, but we did not stop until we got it right. We have now assembled a great team and are ready to share Crap ChuteTM with dog and cat lovers everywhere.  And we are proud to say that Crap ChuteTM is made and assembled in the USA!

The next chapter is now. We don’t know where this journey is going to take us, but we do know that we had a great time getting to where we are. By the way, I think the name (Crap ChuteTM ) was conceived that first night in the shop. And to this day my father still uses the original model we designed to pick up the poop in his yard.

-Denny Pavloski